New Era


The new era begins with an “S”!

What connects us
makes us #stronger

Together we want to become the clear No. 1 in the national and international health care sector. The integration of CCS puts us on an even more firm footing – it makes us #stronger. In this way, we meet all current and future requirements and demands.

In addition to the innovations and developments that will continue to be driven forward at Schrack Seconet, we see great potential in combining our forces. Because together with the expertise and the range of services offered by CCS Care Communication Solutions GmbH, we’re able to offer an even broader portfolio of proven quality.

And so our journey

Until now, the CCS was located in the vicinity of PKE. Approximately 12,500 health care facilities currently use the products and solutions developed specifically for the health care market. Thanks to the integration, Schrack Seconet is able to gain broader access to the international market and can place a special focus on Germany. As well as this, the respective product portfolios complement each other perfectly. With this, we’re paving the way and taking a first important step towards achieving our common goal: to become the No. 1 in the health care sector – even on the international stage.

What new opportunities are emerging? With the acquisition of CCS, we stand on an even more firm footing in the health care sector. In the future, research and development will take place at two locations, which we see as having great potential for strengthening our innovative power. Let’s seize the opportunity to learn from each other by sharing our knowledge.

We’re reinforcing our distribution. CCS's offices in France, Spain, Italy, UK and Abu Dhabi perfectly complement our existing structure. With a total of 60 further distribution partners worldwide, we’re underlining our goal to grow and to become the No. 1 in the health care sector internationally – and also to secure our jobs.

The new “WE”: that is you along with the entire Schrack Seconet family – to which we are welcoming all CCS employees today. Only if we all pull together, we can go into the future stronger together. Competition is a thing of the past. Today, we’re the new “WE”.