The new era begins with an “S”!

So new
in appearance

It's showtime! We are proud to present our new brand identity. In this way, we have put our visionary content into a forward-looking form. 

The future begins today.

It was a journey in the footsteps of Schrack Seconet's history. A reflection and development of the core competences and most important values. And, of course, we also have our eyes on the future. Where are we going? What do we want to stand for in the future? And what can that look like? 

The result is a modern, contemporary brand identity that reflects the dynamic and technological aspects and takes the company to a new digital level. In doing so, we have remained true to our values and standards for our partners and customers, but also for ourselves. 

Schrack Seconet Logo Before Schrack Seconet Logo New

This is what it looks like:
the new logo compared.

We are known for the effort we put into offering our customers ever better quality and even more security. We have now applied this spirit of innovation to ourselves – the result: a new look in step with the times!

Unique, modern & digital

The new design involved adapting and integrating components of the old logo – such as the rhombus-shaped structure and the basic colours red and blue. The reduced linear style characterises the new logo and takes up the claim to being modern and digital. The modified rhombus shape lends it a unique dynamism and individual appeal; in combination with the rounding, especially in the “S”, it reflects the human component.

The strikingly designed “S”: This underscores the uniqueness of Schrack Seconet, ensures real recognition value and is therefore also used on its own as a signet.

With this design, we are skilfully expressing the company’s orientation with a focus on digitisation. In doing so, we are living up to the claim of being a distinctive, modern and digital company. Without losing sight of what we have focused on for over 25 years: people.

The first step has been taken. Let's start together: into the new era!

"Forward thinking, technological innovation, cohesion and the desire to provide the best for customers and partners – these have always been the hallmarks of Schrack Seconet. With a focus on the future, our new look highlights these attributes and takes the company forward into a new digital age."
Signature Wolfgang Kern
Wolfgang Kern - Managing Director

in what we do.

We protect lives and secure values. And that’s the way it will always be. No wonder we are the benchmark in our industry.

in our values.

Personal, committed & competent – guaranteed authenticity. This and much more is what sets us apart. Values that we live and share every day.

in engineering.

Know-how and experience – that's what we bring to every project. Thanks to our employees, who take care in finding the perfect solutions personally and with professional competence.

to the customer.


We understand our customers, feel connected with them. Therefore, it is always our concern to build a win-win partnership.

in implementation.

We offer leading solutions in our industry. The fast pace of our times sets the pace for development – and we are ahead of it.

in thinking.


Our innovations have one thing in common: They offer real benefits and real added value. And we're proud of that.

in the team.


The passion and motivation with which our employees go about their work is almost contagious. And it's even more fun when you're part of a team.